Federal Market Analysis Report


A comprehensive research effort to identify the federal customers purchasing your products/services based on matching keywords and codes. Includes instruction video to understand how to read the report and leverage the contact information.

Market Research allows you to make informed decisions about exactly what tools and support your business needs in order to better compete for and win federal work.

  • Starting with Market Research ensures you don’t waste time, money and resources pursuing the wrong path.
  • Make informed decisions and target your best customers in the federal market.
  • If you want to sell the federal government, you first need to learn how they buy.

Let Data Validate Your Strategic Decisions

How Do They Buy?

it’s important you understand 100% of buying activity, because you only see a fraction of it in the open bid market.

Who Do They Buy From?

.the first step in getting them to buy from you is to make it easy for them to buy from you. That starts by knowing their preferred buying methods.

Who Do They Buy From Now?

if you want to compete, you need to know who you are competing against and how you compare.

What Does The Agency Buy?

Drilling down to the specific keywords, cross-referenced against codes and other industry indicators to ensure accuracy and relevance.

How Much Do They Buy?

Learn the spending patterns. Depending on the time of year, this answer may change. Stay up to date with their purchasing behaviors.

Focus On Specific Agencies

Once you weigh all those factors and stack each agency up against the others, you’re able to focus in on the specific federal buyers that present your best opportunity to sell to the United States government.

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