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“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the small businesses progress and overcome challenges within the Federal Contracting space.

Our Office

Our office is located in Downtown Saint Petersburg. We are centralized with the local community and support the small businesses of our town. 

Our Accomplishments

We’ve helped both enterprise 100 year old companies, and the “average” american business successfully enter the federal market place where they can support our government with their services in need.

Our Experience

Our leadership team comprises of veteran business executives who have had hands on experience in the federal contracting industry.

Dr. Margaret Alabi.
The Pivot Consulting Group, LLC

Initially came to us after hitting multiple dead ends on her efforts. We helped her identify market insights so she could be more poised to present her services to areas within the government who where spending dollars on the things Pivot Consulting Group provides while also identifying teaming arrangement she could leverage to gain access to more contracting opportunities.

Dom Faussette.
Think React Lead

After 2 years of being a federal contracting navigating the industry, he started realizing that the progress he was expecting had no real supporting plan to measure his results. Dom requested a top down analysis starting with his profile, down to his DSBS profile which ultimately lead us to build a strategic plan revolving around the agencies that purchase his services, positioning him in a place for measurable results.  

Donald E Coleman.
Semper Kaizen 

After 8 months of trying to break into the contracting space, Donald reached out to us to get specific insights to finding purchasers of his services. We went through a deep dive analysis report to locate and find the CO’s within the agencies that are specifically purchasing his products which led him down a process based strategy to activate his marketing arm and start outreaching to agencies and offices who are seeking his services. 

Ian Cato.

Tactegra reached out to us initially with a target market research request to help identify the purchasers within the agencies who typically purchase their core products. From there, we designed a business development strategy to expand his marketing efforts to his targetted buyers to help get in front of more contracting officers. This is a clip from a meeting with a Small Business Specialist who was WOW’d by the capability statement we created for Tactegra.

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