2022 Federal Essentials Kit


“Federal Market Demand Report”

A comprehensive federal market analysis report that helps you:

Learn the proper federal codes for your industry and the type of work you do,
Discover how much the federal government spends annually for your
Determine the amount that is awarded to small businesses like yours,
Gain insights into competition levels, spending trends, and how to identify “low
hanging fruit” opportunities

“Contractor Readiness Assessment”

A thorough review of your organization’s potential to become a successful federal
contractor, including:

Assessing your organization’s current eligibility for federal contracts,
Assessing your organization’s potential ability to compete for federal contracts, and
Assessing your organization’s readiness to support a federal contract

“Insider’s Guide to Accelerating Federal Revenue”

Gain valuable insights about the most utilized “best practices” of successful federal

contractors by learning:

How to win contracts without having to compete for them,
How to position your organization to receive phone and/or email requests directly
from federal buyers interested in purchasing from you, and
How to target specific opportunities that have higher odds of success

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