Interactive Federal Market Analysis Report


A comprehensive, interactive research tool to identify the federal customers purchasing your products/services based on matching keywords and codes. Includes instruction video to understand how to read the report and leverage the contact information.

Market Research with this interactive data-driven tool allows you to make informed decisions in competing for and winning federal work.


  • Who buys what you sell
  • Prime contractors who you can sub-contract with
  • What small businesses have Teaming or Joint Venture opportunities
  • Lists the Name, Agencies, Emails and Phone Numbers of Targeted Contacts
  • Answers the question if a socio-economic certification can benefit you
  • Answers the question if a GSA schedule can benefit you
  • Shows you the hidden markets that fit you from
  • Shows you contracts with low or no competition
  • Interactive, filterable, dynamic data to find the right contracts
  • Shows you the Government codes being used in your industry
  • Shows the Agencies that are most friendly towards small businesses
  • Delivered as a Dynamic Microsoft PowerBI Report
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