Acquisition Essentials Kit


“Federal Market Research Report”

A comprehensive federal market analysis report that helps you:

Learn the proper federal codes for your industry and the type of work you do,
Discover how much the federal government spends annually for your
Determine the amount that is awarded to small businesses like yours,
Gain insights into competition levels, spending trends, and how to identify “low
hanging fruit” opportunities

Dynamic Data Dashboard:

Use the Dynamic Data Dashboard to immediately refine your research report based on your preferences. Target a specific Department or Agency, look for opportunities based on set-asides or low competition, and refine based on keywords and codes.

Custom Email Template:

Our federal Business Development team works with you to craft the optimal introductory email template, then connects it to your market research report to reference specific contracts and contract ID numbers, further enhancing your credibility.

2-Hour Mastermind Meeting
– “Ask the CO…Anything!”:

This is your opportunity to get inside the mind of a former senior federal contracting official about topics like “how decisions are made, how competition is determined, and what COs look for in a contractor”. Get the real answers to your most compelling questions about the federal market.

“Engagement Strategy”

23-page engagement strategy document. One on one training/coaching on:

– What to expect during capabilities briefings
– Each role within a contracting office and what their motivations are
How to position yourself to make the most of the call and make a great first impression
– How to set up follow up calls to move up the chain of command and speak with the program and project managers

“Federal Contracting Capability Statement”

A capability statement is a concise, one page document of your business competencies.

Think of it as your business’s resume. Its purpose is to provide specific information that will convince potential customers to do business with you. When designed well, it will differentiate your business from the competition!


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